Living with Dementia V10

Hello, and welcome to my 10th and the last video in this Retaining the Mind Series. For those new to my videos, I am Dr. William Emmett Walsh, MD, allergist, immunologist and author of How I Recovered From Dementia, my 7th book about our diet and the diseases it causes or worsens. In my last video, I discussed the poisons found in vegetables and the need to avoid vegetables as we become more sensitive to illnesses, especially the dementias. 

I have previously discussed vegetables. Vegetables are a significant part of healthy diets, a prominent feature in these diets. Unfortunately, they contain poisons. Vegetables need these poisons to defend them from the mold, insects and animals that would destroy them by feeding on them. People with mild dementia can eat these vegetables, although they probably suffer some mental impairment from their poisons. Sufferers of severe stages of dementia must be careful of these vegetables because their toxins worsen dementia. 

Then, how about fruits? There are three problems with fruits. The fructose and citrus acids in fruits are the first two problems. In previous videos and in my book, How I Recovered From Dementia, I told you about fructose and the citrus acids’ poisonous nature when consumed in excess. The third problem is the acidity of fruits. In my practice, I found that this food acid causes eczema or atopic dermatitis and further injures the face’s virus-infected nerves in cold sores.

The acidity of fruits concerns me. This acidity may cause the inclusion bodies that form in dementia-injured brains. Inclusion bodies are protein balls found in and about the damaged nerve cells and, in the dementias, they most likely further damage these cells. When we eat or drink acidic foods or beverages, the acidity may be brought in large amounts to the brain in the bloodstream. Although the brain is only about two percent of the body’s weight in humans, it receives fifteen to twenty-five percent of the body’s blood flow. 

With the blood-brain barrier damaged and leaking, the acid from the citrus fruits, tomatoes, and other acidic foods can now enter the brain and alter the acid/base balance. This imbalance could cause the proteins in the brain to clump together into the inclusion bodies.

For these reasons, the citrus and fructose content of fruits and their acidity, I find fruits worrisome. I confine fruits to a half cup of wild blueberries three mornings a week.

How about olive oil for cooking? When I stopped using olive oil, my weight dropped five pounds within a week. The rapidity of this drop points to bloating as the cause of these five pounds. I immediately stopped using any cooking oils. 

Finally, how about animal-based unprocessed food like beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and fish. Meat is the main component of my Walsh diet, a very simple diet. These meats should not be processed into foods like sausages and meatloaf to avoid added fructose or MSG. Meat is the main component of my Walsh diet, a very simple diet. However, meat can contain some of the poisons the animals ate and absorbed in their feed, which would be in the drippings. Be sure to throw away the drippings as they probably contain much of the poisons cooked out of the meat. Pork may contain more feed residues than beef so I restrict it to once or twice weekly.

Following are notes on my daily diet:

Breakfast: I fry eggs in a pan with a beef burger/turkey burger mix. I blend 3 pounds of ground beef with 3 pounds of ground turkey and pressure cook until well done. I freeze this mixture with repeated agitation to prevent it from clumping together into a giant ice cube. For breakfast, I place a half cup of this mixture in a frying pan with eggs and beans that I have previously cooked, frozen, recooked and stored in the freezer. I add the beans every other morning. I cook this mixture with low heat until done.

Daytime snacks: A small amount of this beef/turkey mixture.

Lunch: Meat leftover from the previous night’s meal mixed with canned salmon. I prepare only a small amount because I am only mildly hungry at noon.

Dinner: For this meal, I prepare beef or pork on one night and alternate with meals of fowl, like chicken or turkey. The meal includes fish about once a week.

Seasoning or flavoring: No

The Walsh diet is simple, a repetitive meal of alternating beef or pork with fish or fowl. A meat-based, high-fat diet that does not inactivate the fat control system. I noticed that it removed the fat from the body slowly, first removing it from the abdomen. Removal of this abdominal fat must reduce my danger of stroke and heart attacks. So far, I see no disadvantage in consuming these fats. Two of my brothers died sudden deaths from heart attacks: Another brother has suffered recurrent, non-fatal episodes of stroke. I am grateful that this diet removed my abdominal fat; that should lessen my chance of a similar abrupt death. So far, I see no disadvantage in consuming this high-fat diet.

The Walsh diet for the severely sensitive (or overly obese) avoids the vegetables and fruits the Mediterranean diet encourages and encourages the meat that the Mediterranean diet discourages. These other diets I call seemingly healthy because they are not that healthy. Followers still die from dementia. Although my dementia is severe, I am still living, thinking, and enjoying life with my diet.

I am ending these videos now, and I want to re-emphasize the information they already gave you. I explored the reasons people with dementia need my Walsh Diet. I also discussed how dementia gains control of our minds, and I will now return to that thought. 

As an Alzheimer sufferer, I know that poisons in vegetables and fruits cause dementias, including mine. The toxins reach the brain carried in the large supply of blood that feeds the brain. The poisons then leak through the damaged blood-brain barrier and into the brain, where they injure and kill nerve cells. 

You can resist these poisons by changing your diet, an essential and powerful treatment. This diet change is not easy; you must avoid delicious foods and beverages. Now that you know how food poisons are trying to dominate you, how they are trying to steal your mind, I hope and believe that you will find the courage to fight them.

You do not need to totally avoid the known and unknown poisons because you tolerate a limited amount of them. So, enjoy vegetables and fruit. Just do not consume too much of them. Limiting your consumption helps you keep much of your thinking, planning, conversing and self-care. 

When you reach these many diet-driven diseases’ severe stages, you must more compulsively avoid the foods with both known and unknown poisons. If you do not, you become more susceptible to diseases like strokes, heart attacks and the dementias. The dementias will conquer you, and their prize is your brain. Do not let them win.

Finally, a personal note for those who wonder: Yes, I write each video before the presentation. I must present this information in clearly understood words that I have prepared beforehand so you can understand them. If you listen and follow my suggestions, my story may bring you ten, twenty, or more extra years of a healthy, useful and joy-filled life. I so want you to live these additional years in great independence, being a burden to nobody.

Another personal note: I continually investigate the diet. Each newer video or book discussing the diet replaces the advice I gave you in earlier books and videos.

Thank you for coming to my videos; earlier videos are found on my website, Remember to keep my book handy, How I Recovered From Dementia. It supplements these videos; the videos supplement the book. You will need both to recover from dementia. Be sure also to consult your medical caregivers and follow their suggestions.

I look forward to talking to you again through my next books and videos.