How I Recovered From Dementia V1

Video 1: Dementia Recovery: Introduction to Diet-Caused Disease

Hello, and welcome to my presentation. I am Dr. William Emmett Walsh, a medical doctor, board-certified allergist and immunologist, and author of How I Recovered from Dementia. I emphasize my middle name because William Walsh is a common name; another doctor/author named William Walsh has a different middle name. People searching for my books often become confused by this similarity. To identify my writing, I use my middle name, Emmett, or the initial ‘E’ in my signature. 

As a board-certified allergist, I have evaluated and treated hundreds of people referred to me by their family doctors, pediatricians and internists. Many of these patients suffered from allergic or sensitivity diseases caused by their foods and beverages. Food sensitivity fascinated me, how common it is, and how correcting the diet improved my patients’ health and mental alertness. I became a diet specialist and enjoyed treating patients with food sensitivity and watching them return to good health. To further help them, I have published seven books about food allergy and food sensitivity. 

My fascination with food sensitivity continues and prompted me to begin a new series of videos that explains how foods cause disease. It also reveals how to recover from these diseases. I have termed them the Retaining the Mind Series, using the name of the book I published in 21016. My present book, How I Recovered from Dementia, and my videos, contain much of the same information that guided me as I eliminated my obesity. I have lost over a hundred pounds of fat with no evidence that I lost muscle or organ tissue. In other words, a healthy weight loss that did not damage my body. I also used this information to recover from my own dementia. 

I devised the diet I used, and that I will describe to you. Since it is like no other diet used today, and since I discovered it, I call it the Walsh diet. It deviates markedly from other healthy diets, which do not offer the same recovery from diseases like dementia. 

Because I have dementia, my last two books look closely at these diseases. How I Recovered from Dementia is my “instruction manual”. It describes how I recovered from this dread disease. I made it a short book and easy to read.

I have much to tell you in my book and videos. I point out the most important causes of multiple common diseases, the food and beverages you eat and drink daily. You may find it hard to believe that your diet threatens you. But it does threaten you. It penetrates every part of your body. The disease-promoting chemicals that they contain also penetrate throughout your body. They cause or worsen common mental conditions such as depression, autism, ADHD and anxiety. A healthy diet soothes and quiets these conditions. I firmly believe that this is so.

By following a careful diet, you can significantly relieve these conditions. You can also delay or prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and the dementias. I will be discussing these conditions in future videos. Your diet even influences cancer, which surprises me, but studies indicate a healthy diet suppresses cancer. 

You may feel powerless to prevent the diseases your diet promotes. Do not feel helpless. You have great power. You can fight these sicknesses. You only need to know how to change your diet. By limiting the troubling foods and beverages, you may avoid or even reverse many diseases. You can return yourself, or a loved one, to health and to the joy of life. 

You should always consult your medical caregivers and follow their suggestions. While they treat you, you can assist that treatment at your own dining table, by following healthy diets like the Mediterranean, DASH MIND and Mayo Clinic diets. In the dementias, even only partially following these diets delays the onset of dementia. 

However, as valuable as they are, they ultimately fail patients. They have a terrible defect. They do not identify all of the harmful food chemicals hiding in our everyday meals. This failure to identify is a lethal defect; dementia patients still suffer progressive brain damage and ultimately die from dementia. This loss of life is not necessary. This fatal fault is why I devised a diet that goes beyond these diets. It helps you survive these deadly diseases.

I point out the foods that trouble us, both in these videos and in my book How I Recovered From Dementia. I designed these videos to supplement the information I provide in the book. The book is not only a source of knowledge on the diet and its diseases but also a memory device for you. In the future, when the memory of what I taught you begins to fade, as it does normally, quickly paging through the book will bring it back to you. 

You can obtain the book by going to Amazon and, in the search box at the top of the page, type in the book’s name, How I Recovered From Dementia. Make sure I am the listed author, William E (Emmett) Walsh, M.D. I have already mentioned that another author named William Walsh is a nutritionist and not affiliated with me. His books do not contain my experience with dementia and how I recovered from it. 

Because you see this video, you have already found my videos. To find them again: They are labeled Dementia Recovery and found on YouTube. After reaching YouTube, type in the search box ‘William E Walsh, MD Dementia Recovery playlist. Click on my picture. You will gain access to my videos, and they are numbered V1 to the end.

There is even a video, not connected to this series, of the lecture I gave on my previous book, Retaining the Mind. If you access this video, you will see that I have, for years, been urging this same recovery from diseases caused by our diet.

Because I know where they lurk in the diet, I changed my diet; I recovered from obesity and Alzheimer’s dementia. Actually, I am still in recovery from dementia, and my memory progressively improves, and I am delighted. How I Recovered From Dementia and these videos will tell you how I recovered. I hope they help you or a loved one recover from the many diseases our diet causes or worsens. 

In my next videos, I will continue to discuss our diet and its diseases.

You are so welcome to return to watch.