Dementia Recovery Review V5

Hello, and welcome to my 5th video about how our foods and beverages cause or worsen many common diseases. I am Dr. William Emmett Walsh MD, the author of How I Recovered From Dementia, my 7th book about the diet-caused diseases.

In previous videos, I pointed out how the aging chemicals in foods and beverages cause so many of our diseases. I named them the aging chemicals because they age us as they damage our bodies and minds when we eat or drink too much of them. We would look and feel much younger if we avoid this excess. 

Today I will tell you why these diseases affect us. I will emphasize the dementias as I have dementia and am recovering from it. Much of what I tell you is a review of what I have already discussed. By reviewing these diseases and their causes, I hope I help you better realize why they make us sick and how we can recover from them.

I will start by commenting on a question: What diseases spring from the chemicals in our diet? I mean the chemicals I call the aging chemicals. You already know that answer from my previous videos; they worsen every disease of our body and mind when we consume them in excess. The aging chemicals are whole-body poisons. Not potent toxins like cyanide or arsenic; the aging chemicals are weak poisons but harmful because we eat and drink them daily. 

Because they all act together, they magnify their harm. Imagine the damage a just-born baby nerve cell suffers from fructose disrupting the bloodstream. From the nerve over-stimulation from MSG, from the acid/base changes of the citrus acids, and the aging induced by galactose. Think of them operating together on one of the most sensitive cells of the human body. That cell is the immature nerve cell. No wonder these cells cannot reach the brain to refresh it and keep it young.

This daily poisoning, magnified by the years of consuming these aging chemicals, promotes every disease. The poisoned body is a diseased body.

We have thousands of genes that determine our body and how we act. Some of these genes weaken us against diseases like cancer, heart disease, strokes, dementia, and macular degeneration. They weaken us against mental conditions like depression and anxiety. Then, a lifetime of eating foods flavored by excess fructose, galactose, MSG, or the citrus acids promote these diseases. If we avoid these excesses, we will not suffer these diseases.

An example of these genes is the gene APOE4 that makes us susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease. It hastens the breakdown of the barrier that protects the brain from the poisons circulating in the bloodstream. With this breakdown, the aging chemicals can reach and damage the nerves of the brain. If we were not consuming these chemicals in excess, the blood/brain barrier’s injury would still occur but not bring on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or the other dementias.

Another question tells us a lot about dementia: At what age does dementia start? How about this answer: at a very early age. Researchers in Spain, Finland and England studied this question. They found evidence that children who followed the Mediterranean diet enjoyed better health and higher IQs than children following their usual diet. 

The Mediterranean diet avoids some of the dietary aging chemicals. It discourages using fructose and partially discourages using MSG. This avoidance delays the onset of diseases—diseases such as dementia. Therefore, even in childhood and the teen years, voiding some of these aging chemicals improves brainpower. The research also found improved health in the avoidance groups. Poor health and poor test-taking are hallmarks of dementia. Or, stated differently, even in childhood, dementia stalks the young. The implications of this thought are profound.

For instance, how should you feed a child who will be taking a test? Is the answer, carefully follow the dementia diet plan for 1 to 2 weeks pre-test? You should help the child follow it before the test. For an older child or adult, what should they eat before a test for college or graduate school, or when interviewing for a highly sought-after job? Is it the same answer as for the younger test taker? A cautious diet? That answer is correct. 

The last question: Is reducing fructose and MSG consumption the difference between a person who succeeds and one who fails? Yes, that is eminently possible. I believe the answers to all these questions is in the diet.

So, what do we know about diet-caused diseases such as the dementias? First, we know that dementia is only one of many diseases caused by the diet. Second, there is good evidence that the conditions necessary for dementia (and stroke, heart disease etc.) are present, although muted, in childhood, and persist through the teen and early adulthood years. As we age, the conditions become fully expressed as diseases. Yes, I believe that is so. I also believe that people that avoid eating excess aging chemicals have a competitive advantage in tests, goal-seeking, and in pursuit of other aspirations. And they also gain the great benefit of the prevention of many diseases of the aged.

Next question: Why do older people suffer more than children, adolescents, and early adults from diet-caused diseases? I suspect that the reason for this age-related disease susceptibility is damage to the brain’s blood/brain barrier (BBB). 

This barrier protects the brain from many poisons in the foods and beverages that we consume daily. It coats the inside of the blood vessels that supply the brain to keep most of these chemicals out of the brain. The poisons from foods and beverages float in the bloodstream, and this barrier hinders their entrance. But, as we age, this barrier deteriorates. BBB damage lets troubling chemicals like the aging food chemicals into the brain where they injure nerves. The immune system can react against this damage, setting off an immune reaction that attacks the brain and the BBB. The further damaged BBB allows other chemicals to pass through and injure the brain.

BBB damage occurs with sports injury with a concussion, from striking the head while falling on ice, from unnoticed microinfarcts, and from brain infection (many of us have quiet, unrecognized, chronic herpes virus infection of the brain).

Each injury to the brain may end with a persistent weakened area of the BBB that allows the entrance of poisonous chemicals. These leaks in the barrier accumulate with age making the aged susceptible to dementia. They are the consequences of an active life. They may allow brain exposure to the excess fructose, galactose, MSG and citrus acids in our diets. 

Thus, dementia arises. I will make a list of what causes diseases like dementia: 

First, that our diet causes or worsens many diseases, including dementia. 

Second, excess fructose, galactose, MSG and citrus acids cause these diseases.

Third, symptoms of these diet-caused diseases appear un-noticed in childhood, remain quiet through the teen and older years, and become apparent as we age.

Fourth, avoidance of these excesses may prevent age-related diseases.

Fifth, a low fructose/MSG/galactose /citrus acid diet gives a competitive advantage at all ages and in all our endeavors.

I am a medical doctor who has treated many patients. I no longer treat patients, but if you came to my office for diagnosis and treatment, I would give you the same information in my clinic that I give you in this video and in the videos that follow. I will tell you about how to follow my diet in these future videos. My next video, the sixth video, will shock you. You are so welcome to come back for it.