Alzheimer’s and Cerebral Palsy V8

Video 8: Dementia Recovery: Alzheimer’s and Cerebral Palsy

Hello, and welcome to my video presentation. I am Dr. William Emmett Walsh, medical doctor, board certified allergist and immunologist and author of  How I Recovered From Dementia, my 7th book about our diet and the diseases it causes or worsens.

Today I want to discuss cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a group of balance, movement, and posture disorders caused by damage or unusual development of the brain centers that control motion. You would be right to ask, what is it doing in a video about diseases caused by the diet like the dementias? I am as surprised as you are when I state that it belongs in this video.

I became acutely aware of cerebral palsy as I tested various vegetables and fruits for their place in the treatment of my dementia. The diet was going very well with my memory improving steadily but the diet I follow is restricting. I wanted to expand it to other foods and beverages if possible. 

As I was trying to include these fruits and vegetables into the diet, I noticed that I was developing Parkinson’s dementia body stiffness. As I walked, I noticed that I had to counteract this stiffness when I walked; I had to force my legs to move forward. Even with these symptoms worsening from the tested foods, I kept on testing.

Then I decided to add yogurt to my tests. It was night, before bedtime. I tried a couple of teaspoons of yogurt. Not very much at all. The next morning I awoke and tried to sit up in bed. My whole body stiffened up and went into a severely painful muscle tightening and cramping. I laid back down. Then I raised my arms, and my arm muscles went into a painful cramp.

I had to get up, go to the potty, and then to the breakfast table. So, I rolled out of bed, dropped onto the floor, and crawled to the bathroom and then to the kitchen, moving my muscles only enough to accomplish my journey and then get into a kitchen chair. With every movement, the involved muscles cramped. They cramped very painfully if I made a fast move. The stiffness and whole-body cramping lasted throughout the day and disappeared by the next day.

My symptoms progressed from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s dementias and then to spastic cerebral palsy. This progression strongly suggests that these three conditions are related. If they are, then my diet, the Walsh diet that relieves dementia, may also help those with cerebral palsy. Therefore, is palsy an Alzheimer’s of the muscles? 

The yogurt I ate was fermented milk. Fermented milk has a significant content of two aging chemicals, the sugar galactose and the amino acid, glutamic acid or MSG. Both dissolved into the yogurt. These two chemicals must have found me overly sensitive to their nerve overstimulation. Cerebral palsy is a hypersensitivity of the nervous system that controls the muscles. And if the hypersensitivity is directed against excess galactose and MSG, and also directed against fructose and the citrus acids, would this sensitivity subside if the afflicted followed my diet?

Although this video is short, it may be the most significant of all my videos, as it shows that two different dementias, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, are related to cerebral palsy. They share the same cause and may share the same treatment, the Walsh diet. 

I suspect that you share my interest in helping relieve those suffering from cerebral palsy. If my diet can help only one or two, all the work preparing the book and these videos will be well worthwhile.

There is still much to tell you about the dementias and I hope my book, How I Recovered from Dementia can fill in more of this information.  

I believe that you know enough about these diseases to understand what I am telling you about the diet, and I will do so in my next video. Thanks for coming to this video. You are so welcome to return to hear a description of my diet.