About My Dementia V4

Video 4: Dementia Recovery: About My Dementia.

Hello and welcome to my fourth video exploring how our diet impacts our health. I am Dr. William Emmett Walsh, author of How I Recovered From Dementia.

In my second video I told you about the sugars fructose and galactose, 2 of the aging chemicals that cause or worsen many of the illnesses we suffer. In my third video I discussed two prominent dangers in our diet, MSG and the citrus acids.

For a few minutes, let’s return to considering the danger posed by these aging chemicals. Your health may depend on your knowing their hazards and avoiding them. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pointed out these hazards. The centers noted that obesity, caused so frequently by fructose, promotes diseases of the body and mind, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, gallbladder disease, cancers, depression, and anxiety. And these diseases caused by obesity are a significant cause of the high cost of medical care and lead to an early death. 

Excess fructose breeds obesity. Obesity breeds disease. 

Please believe me, these aging chemicals, as exemplified by fructose taken in excess, threaten you. You should avoid these excesses. You can avoid them if you change your diet. When I changed my diet, it eliminated my obesity and delayed my dementia.

 How I Recovered From Dementia discusses the diet. If you have excessive weight, this diet should eliminate much of the fat that threatens you. If you follow my diet, it will eliminate this fat by activating the fat control system that fructose turns off. The following is my experience with this system.

In my 50’s I weighed 248 pounds at 5 foot, 8 inches tall. I was fat! The death of 2 of my brothers, at 50 and 59 years old, both heavy, told me that I had to lose weight. 

I decided to take all sweet treats out of my diet, which allowed the fat control system to start working. I began to lose weight. 

First, I noticed the system removed the under-the-belt fat that predisposes to heart attacks and cerebral artery strokes. today it is still at work and in the past year I noticed that it is removing the fat that clings just beneath the skin.

I had planned to stop losing weight when my weight dropped to 180 pounds, a loss of more than 50 pounds. My fat control system disagreed. It kept dropping my weight. When my weight dropped to 150 pounds, my doctor asked me to regain some of my weight. Imagine, fatso me needing to lose weight. 

I could regain weight but only by returning to eating excess fructose that would refill my brain and heart arteries with fat. From my observations, the fat control system first eliminated my abdominal fat, the fat most threatening to the brain and heart arteries. Then, other parts of my body lost fat. Therefore, if I left my diet, the most threatening fat would probably return quickly. I would be accepting the return of danger from stroke and heart disease. And I would lose control of my dementia.

I decided I should continue avoiding fructose so my fat control system could continue protecting me. 

My scale now tells me I weigh 140 pounds. I am probably headed for 130 pounds. I wish I could stop the weight loss; I have already lost over 100 pounds. If I suffer a prolonged illness, to survive I might need the energy from the fat that I have lost.

You may question whether excess fructose causes dementia. The answer: Yes. Avoiding it delayed the onset of my dementia until my late 70’s. Then, avoiding only fructose no longer controlled my dementia. It started to come back. I resolved to follow my diet more closely. I also renewed my search for other food chemicals that cause dementia. 

It worked and, in these videos, we are discussing these other aging chemicals. I am also following my diet far more religiously.

How does fructose cause dementia? The following is my interpretation of research on dementia. The body continually renews the brain by growing baby nerve cells that it sends to the brain to replace the brain’s old, worn-out cells. These baby cells are delicate! They need a quiet, non-threatening environment to exist. Fructose kills them by disrupting blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids and by inducing insulin hypersecretion that kills these baby nerve cells. They never reach the brain. The  brain slowly deteriorates into an old, shrunken, dying organ. 

I know if I eat these delightful, delicious, sweet treats, I would be killing these baby nerve cells that are desperately trying to reach my brain. My brain would become a shrunken mass of dying nerves crying to be replaced.

A person severely sensitive to Alzheimer’s must be careful of the diet. He can get used to this diet. He must also try to get a good night’s sleep. When I cheat too much on the diet, I return to the pre-diet sleep pattern I hate, tossing and turning sleep lasting only 4 hours. And I awake to feel tired and the tiredness lasts through the day. (Shhhh – don’t tell anyone I cheat. My diet allows some cheating but if I cheat too much, I do not feel well.)

Sleep is terribly essential. Poor sleep leads to dementia. The tired brain is an aging brain. If I follow the diet better, I enjoy 6+ hours of deep, refreshing sleep. 

How I Recovered From Dementia describes my discovery that I suffer from dementia. The purpose of this video is to tell you about how I live with dementia. I hate dementia, but it is so much better to live with dementia that I keep under control with the diet than to ignore the diet and march down the beautiful, well-lighted path that leads to dementia’s muddy, mosquito-laden swamp.

Thanks’ for being with me today. Please come back for video 5 when I tell you how we humans got stuck with this horrible disease, dementia.