A Shocking Story of Recovery V6

V6: Dementia Recovery: A Shocking Story of Recovery

Hello, and welcome to my sixth video exploring the impact of our diet on our health. I am Dr. William Emmett Walsh, medical doctor, board-certified allergist, immunologist and author of How I Recovered From Dementia

In my first video, I mentioned another Dr. William Walsh, who is an author and writes about nutrition. I have no relationship with him: His books do not have my knowledge of the dementias nor my diet that describes how to recover from the dementias. To find my book, look for it on amazon by name, How I Recovered from Dementia, and be sure I am the author, William Emmett Walsh, MD.

Now to a review: In my previous videos I told you about the aging food chemicals that cause dementia. They include two sugars, fructose and galactose, one amino acid, glutamic acid or MSG, and a group of acids, the citrus acids. I also told you how these chemicals cause many of the common diseases that we suffer. 

I told you that today’s video would include a shocking story. I will tell you this story now.

I heard the story at a meeting of people living with dementia, their loved ones and caretakers. On many occasions, I have enjoyed attending this meeting because the leader is a woman with impressive knowledge about the dementias. She is also skilled in comforting those who have dementia and their loved ones.

However, I never feel comfortable at the meetings. The participants and the leader discuss how people with dementia should bravely live until they die from these diseases. The leader teaches them to accept their misfortune and die with grace. Nobody—nobody at all—talks about recovering from dementia. Nobody is resisting this death. While, there I sat in my chair, after being warmly welcomed into their meeting, saying to myself, “Nobody here wants to talk about what I want to discuss, how to recover from dementia. They can lose dementia’s lethal grip if they will only change their diet.”

 This meeting does not belong to me but to the leader. I am only a guest there. I feel that I can not tell them that they can recover from dementia. They did not need to die. Nobody wanted to hear that message; they have dedicated themselves to dying. They only wanted to hear how to die bravely. The few comments about recovery that I make at the meetings bring only confused looks from the afflicted, their caregivers and the meeting organizer. They believe that they cannot, through their efforts, regain their thinking, planning and independent self-care.

I feel like I am with people who speak a foreign language that I cannot speak. 

Then came the story that shocked me. An older man, probably in his ’70’s to ’80s, told a story about his wife. She was severely affected by dementia, so affected that she had slipped into a coma, and the staff needed to feed her by feeding tube. The family, her doctor, a minister and the nursing staff met and decided that she had no possibility of recovery and agreed that the tube feeding would stop. They would let her pass away. 

They stopped the tube feeding and a week later, she sat up in bed, smiled, and ate a big breakfast. Astounding!!! And unexplainable?

No. Not at all. I knew what had happened. The aging chemicals they had been feeding his wife had been killing her. They stopped feeding her these poisons, the poisons we eat daily, long enough for her to produce new nerve cells and for the new nerve cells to reach her brain, refresh it, and awaken her. The new nerve cells let her know that she was hungry. She was on her way to recovery. 

Should I explain the startling recovery to the group? I thought not. I did not tell them for several reasons. This group was not ready to understand this complicated story. You are prepared because I taught you enough about dementia and our diet to know why she awakened. If I tried to explain this to the group, it would take hours and I did not think they would believe me. After all, they were sure that nobody recovers from dementia. 

But she could recover. If they fed her a diet without the large amounts of aging chemicals that we eat and drink. If they did feed her this far healthier diet, what kind of recovery would she experience? Dementia had savagely attacked her brain, leaving it a shrunken, old, near useless organ. I believe she could have recovered and that her mind would become active again. Still, it would take years for her to retrieve the mental ability dementia destroyed if other diseases of old age did not kill her before her mental abilities returned. 

In recovery, she would spend years in which she was at first a helpless, dependent 70 to 80 y/o. Then she would develop the brain of a two y/o, a four y/o, then a ten y/o, and finally mature into an independent, resourceful adult at about 100 years of age. Even the thought of this long journey to recovery depresses me. 

What an awful burden she would be to her elderly husband. Feeding her, cleaning her, never a day with tasks that nobody appreciated. And, if he passed away, who would continue to care for her?

Lord, spare me from that sad life. If I ended up like her, please return to feeding me our poisonous diet and let me go. Her family, the doctor and the nursing staff did let her go. They killed her by returning her to our diet. Just think of how bad our diet is; they used it to kill her! When they fed it to her, she passed away. Was that the right decision in her case. Were they guilty of murder?

 No. It was not even a moral dilemma. Her caretakers did not know they could save her. Even if they did know, I believe they would be right is making the same decision. It was a time to let their dear one go. Heaven was waiting for her. As I said, if this story happens to me, please let me go.

Now you know why I call our diet poisonous. This story tells you better than I can tell you that we eat and drink an unhealthy diet. It destroys and kills. Although the poisons are mild, they are damaging because of years of eating and drinking them.

Before leaving this story, let me tell you something else this story tells us about the dementias. The recovery of this woman with a shrunken brain and in a coma teaches a great lesson. Even the severely damaged mind can recover if the afflicted would only adopt my anti-dementia diet. Even partially following the diet will, at the very least, delay its onset. I am not kidding you when I say I cheat on my diet. But as soon as I notice that my thinking is deteriorating, I return to scrupulously following it until I recover. I can continue to follow it for many years, using these little episodes of cheating/recovering to remind myself why I follow it. If you do the same, remember to scamper back to the diet when you stray from it.

Always before I give a significant talk about the diet, I strictly follow my diet for at least a week, if not two. I want to be at the top of my game, thinking quickly and remembering names and the information I am providing the audience.

This true story of this dying woman sends chills up and down my spine. My desire to help the afflicted is one of the major reasons I continue to teach people that they can recover from dementia. It is why I continue to provide videos and my books to guide people away from our diet’s poisons and to a truly healthy diet that, instead of killing them, improves all the abilities dementia destroys. If this unfortunate woman had changed her diet in time before dementia severely damaged her mind, today she may still be living a useful, productive, joyful life. 

I tell this story with great sadness. Far too many people suffer diet-caused diseases. Diseases like strokes, heart attacks, migraine headaches, eczemas, depressions, dementias and all the other conditions caused by eating and drinking too much of the aging chemicals. Far too many people are housed in assisted living quarters and memory units because they and their caretakers are unaware that their diet is poisonous. This regimented life is not necessary. They should be living independently; driving their cars to vacation areas; and cleaning, dressing and feeding themselves. I pray that they will listen to me before it is too late.

For the millions of people who still think that dementia is a lethal disease: It is not fatal. Not if they know it and know how to recover from it. I hope that they learn my story and my path to recovery in time to restore the pleasures of life and to prevent their deaths. I learned in time. Please help me to reach others before it is too late.

Thank you for coming to my video today. In my next video, I want to tell you another story that tells us that the many different dementias, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lewy body have the same cause—our diet.