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From W. Emmett Walsh, MD

Retaining the Mind Series Books

Learn how a retired Mayo trained consulting allergist and immunologist with over 40 years of patient experience became keenly aware of the damages caused by our modern diet.

W. Emmett Walsh, MD shares how our foods and beverages brought on his own dementia as he shares his journey to health and his recovery of his mental acuity and independence.

The Story of
Dr. W. Emmett Walsh, MD

Alzheimer's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, Parkinson's disease, and other diseases share one characteristic. These diseases damage nerves in the brain so severely that the brain becomes demented. They also damage the body's nerves promoting diabetic neuropathy, migraine headaches, immune disorders like lupus, infirmities of aging, and other diseases. This nerve damage is lethal.

Dr. William Walsh revised and refined his book, Retaining the Mind, published in 2016, to produce Escape From Dementia. In it, he discusses how our modern diet causes or worsens many nerve-damaging diseases.

Dr. Walsh shares his extensive knowledge of food sensitivity and the diet that allowed him to recover from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. He knows both dementias and how to stop their nerve damage, allowing the brain to heal.

You can use his knowledge to reverse dementia's deterioration of the mind and body and regain the youth, mental acuity, and memory that dementia stole from you.


I want you to continue to enjoy a healthy happy life , for many years to come!

I recovered from combined Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases with the help of a special diet taught to me by my patients. Some highly rated diets, including the Mediterranean, DASH, and MIND diets, slow the onset of dementia. However, they do not restore the mental ability that allows millions to live independently with an intact mind. They do not prevent death from dementia. My diet arrests these diseases and saves lives, including my own!

No diet can cure dementia, but my diet restored my ability to think, speak, plan, and live independently. It helps me feel far more alert and active. I also feel younger because my diet limits many foods and beverages that age us. For this, I am grateful: living longer while feeling younger is a blessing.

Dementia is a simple disease, and you already know much about this disease and how to fight it. You do not need a long, complicated book to handle dementia.

Therefore, I keep my books short and the wording plain. They guide you through the treatment path I followed to resist illnesses to bring me out of dementia. I pray that you or someone you care for will follow my suggestions and share my joy in the return of an alert mind in a healthy body. And enjoy the gift of a longer life.